Rug Fever. And Pirates. And so on.

This is a thought poem without rhyme, meter, or poetry.  So basically, a list.

1.  My dad went to the hospital twice today.  Ridiculous.  Apparently he is fine.  But bitter.

2.  I bought a rug.  It’s going to be awesome.  We are redecorating our bedroom because it totally sucks.

3.  We put the wedding bed spread back on the bed even though Leo may scratch it up.  Because we seriously can’t keep living with an ugly bedroom.  A small apartment is manageable but an ugly apartment is unacceptable. We also bought new sheets.  Ah-ma-zing.

4.  We are going to hang a shelf above the bed and put cute things on it.  And buy artwork for the walls.

5.  I ordered new photos for our photo frames because they need to get changed up!  Wedding photos are too boring.  I decided pirate ship photos from Aruba would be a nice change.  Very grown up and appropriate.


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