Creative Furniture Solutions

We have an overcrowded apartment and need to get rid of some things.  But we also have some pretty special things, that we definitely want to have when we have a home one day (or at least a two-bedroom apartment!).  Since we love having company and focused on a cute living room/dining room area first, our bedroom ended up being the dumping ground for the things that didn’t fit elsewhere.

For example, there are two guitars, a Christmas tree, camping gear, a giant backpack for backpacking, and a lot of other surprises hidden in creative storage solutions around our room. For those of you who have been there, did you notice?  Probably not.  Plus, no one really spends a ton of time in our room anyway, except for Leo.  He loves it.  I think in his world, it is really his room.

We’d been brainstorming different ways to make the bedroom less cluttered and everything always came back to “the desk.”  It’s cute and sturdy and has been mine since I was ten years old and my parents bought it for me at the antique store.  Or maybe it was a flea market or something?  Or a pawn shop?  Memories are weird like that.  Mom, feel free to chime in.  I really think it was an antique shop but what ten-year-old knows the difference and remembers it sixteen years later?

Anyway, it’s always been mine and I like it.  Even though it’s kind of awkward since the chair hole isn’t big enough for a computer/desk chair and you have to use a kitchen chair.  It’s still awesome.  But it didn’t fit, and I didn’t want to get rid of it, but there was NO WHERE ELSE for it to go.

And then it hit us, just stick it somewhere random.  Get rid of something you don’t like and put this there instead.

So now it is our entertainment center.  It looks kind of hilarious, but I’m going to go with it.


Since we didn’t actually have an “entertainment center,” we used our second coffee table as one for the last two years. Classy, I know.


Awkward?  On a scale of one to ten, like a six?  Or a four?  [Eleven???]

So, I know there’s no flashy red car on the screen in the second shot, but it’s not that terrible looking.  And it’s not finished.  We are considering (1) inserting shelves into the desk to make it look normal, (2) putting in a backing with a cute pattern/wallpaper to fill that giant white area and hide the cords, and (3) any suggestions that sound better.

This desk will be a cute little addition to a guest bedroom one day, and I’m glad we found a way to keep it while freeing up more space in the other rooms.   If you feel like judging it in person, just let me know and I’ll bake you some cupcakes.  :)



  1. mama

    Honey, I’m comimg up and can bring home lots of things including the desk. Oh, and it was an antique shop.

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