Tuesday’s Lunch Break: Mentos, DuPont, and Chili Paste

So sometimes you just have to break out of the office and take a stroll.  Now that I’m working near the Farragut North metro stop, walking outside is way more entertaining.  Not that walking past a bunch of federal buildings that all look exactly the same isn’t entertaining, but the beautiful combination of shoppers + workers + tourists + homeless people + restaurants and embassies and happy hours is a good time.

Today I had a phone call with a troublesome client struggling with depression and really needed something happy.  So, I got lunch from my “favorite place” across the street, Suki Asia.  And I use those quotes because it is not honestly my favorite place, but it is my favorite place where you can get bibimbap and miso soup for $5.99 in Washington, D.C.  Legit.

Good looking, right? It’s rice, bean sprouts, unidentified green veggies, lettuce, carrots, egg, and marinated beef with chili paste. YUMM.

I wanted to eat outside, but Longfellow’s benches looked a little crowded.

So I headed up to Dupont Circle to eat there instead.  And while there was an ominous rain cloud hanging overhead for a while, no rain drops fell on my lunch and it was an all around fantastic choice.

Sorry these photos are so awkward, I was just using my blackberry like a total dork. I need to get an iPhone but I HATE TOUCH SCREENS. Oh, that was a tangent. Anyway…

DuPont Lunchtime was made even more fantastic by a Mentos freshmaker!  Okay, not going to lie, I just made that name up.  She was just a girl who wandered aimlessly like a bad drug dealer and tried to give people free candy.  People do not always take free candy from strangers.  It is the city, you know.  There’s still a chance the mentos roll she gave me is full of heroin or something. 

While I’m pretty sure she wasn’t technically a “freshmaker,” I am absolutely certain that pass-out-free-samples-in-the-city-minimum-wage-employees should be called freshmakers from this point forward.  Freshmakers are the-bomb-dot-com.  Yes, my husband actually uses that phrase a lot.  Side note.  

So I ended my lunch with two free rolls of mint mentos!

ha! freshmakers are awesome!

And I was totally stoked until I realized that she gave another guy FRUIT Mentos, which are SO much better.  And then I was bitter for about four-fifths of a second, until I remembered that these candies were free and that I shouldn’t be such a whiney baby.  So then I was happy again.

Thanks, freshmaker!  You rocked my lunch break. 


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