Thinking ahead

I am absolutely loving my rotation. The work is different, but the right mix of challenging and comfortable. The community in the office is pretty positive, and I can see my future in my coworkers’ lives: nearly every attorney in my division is female (there is legit only one guy) and they are doing relevant, sometimes interesting work while raising their families.

I was talking with a young mom in the office yesterday — her son is only 16 months old — and she told me that she works at the agency part-time and it’s been wonderful to maintain the career she wanted for part of her week while also putting her family first.

And, I mean, I’m not saying that’s what I want to do. Not even close. I have no idea where H and I will be living a year from now, much less what I want to “be” or what kind of work I want to do long-term. Mostly I just want to wander from graduate program to graduate program, reading and talking to people smarter than me all day and night (hopefully in a hip coffee shop and in a cute outfit with an expensive leather satchel… Anyone else?) without worrying about things like money and the dmv and bills and deadlines.

But since that life is at least15 months away, I’m honestly pretty content entering my summer months with ten weeks of living alone for the first time ever, exploring minneapolis with the cutest husband ever (I mean, I’m totally open to moving there. Even though it sounds insane. I’d rather live in Minnesota than New Jersey) and spending some much-needed time with the people I miss during the rest of the year.

So, if you want to come visit and haven’t gotten on the “schedule,” don’t worry! I don’t actually have a schedule yet. But I’m about to make one, so don’t wait too long! ;)

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