Recap: Antietam in Snapshots

This is a recap post.  Things have been happening, we have been traveling, and I’ve just been too distracted and busy to keep up with the blog!  But, I’ve been taking photos and getting ideas so I’ll have a few posts here and there catching you up on all of the things we were doing before today.

Because, you see, today I became a single lady.  H left for Minnesota and I’ll be here in DC for three weeks before I can make it up for a visit.  Luckily, my granny, aunt, and cousin are here visiting a.k.a. keeping me super busy so I won’t have time to feel lonely!  It’s going to be a busy week with them here but I’m very excited about all of the fun things we will do together.

Leo is also doing a great job at entertaining me.  Today we played tag and he totally won (as indicated by the scratch on my hand).  He LOVES playing hide and seek attack.

This is a photo collage of our weekend trip to explore the Antietam battlegrounds.  It was a fun, hot day and we explored history a little and searched for an ice cream parlor a lot.  Because we enjoy canons and bullets and bridges and all but nothing says Civil War like homemade butter pecan.  And try as we might, we never found that ice cream shop.  So, if you are looking for new business ideas, perhaps try opening an ice cream parlor in Shepardstown, WV?  We would be regular customers, and trust me — we eat a lot of ice cream.


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