Catching Up

The last two weeks have been weird, and I have been intentionally ignoring the blog. Not that I don’t love it/you guys, but sometimes when life feels weird you have to be careful what you share, you know? Also, I’ve been insanely tired after a hectic week and longer work days. But, I think I’m getting back where I need to be.

Today I’m wearing navy blue eyeliner and hot pink nail polish. I’m not sure either of those things look classy and refined — I seem to be morphing into the 14-year-old that I never was. My hair is big and wild and I’m wearing purple plastic sunglasses I scored at The ‘Will with my granny, a white watch, and pearl studs. I’m feeling daring and ready to shake things up.

I’m having lunch with my boss on Wednesday (at my real job, not my rotation), traveling to Minneapolis on Thursday, and spending the weekend living a different life.

It’s weird, having H half-way across the country. If I were someone else — still a grad student or a SAH(not-)M or self-employed or writing a book — I could have gone with him, and WE would be living in Minneapolis and WE would be fishing and shopping and exploring together. And as much as I completely and totally believe in gender mutuality, I am really sad that for these three months I can’t stop everything else and be there with him on an adventure.

But all that aside, my cute friends and family are covering me up with love. I haven’t felt lonely. And Leo gave me cuddles for almost ten minutes yesterday, which is kind of a world record. It’s going to be a good week.

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One comment

  1. MJ

    So I love that you are wearing random things, I hate that you are not able to be with H right now, but I am glad that folks are keeping you busy! We need to catch up soon, because I miss you!

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