What a Day!

So, Minnesota was pretty fantastic and fun and I’m going to upload pictures and tell you all about it … BUT FIRST, let me tell you all of the amazing things I did today.  I think I drank some super hero juice or something:

  • Traveled from Minnesota to Washington, DC
  • Commuted to the office and worked for 6 hours
  • Commuted home to my apartment
  • Gave Leo cuddles (obviously)
  • Vacuumed the rug
  • Made dinner for my friend Katherine (I mean, it was only scrambled eggs and Eggo’s but it was pretty delicious.  AND nutritious.  They were Nutri-Grain Blueberry Eggo’s)
  • Ate dinner with my friend, got in a good 45 minutes of hangout time and caught up on all of the shenanigans Leo got into while I was away
  • Took apart, fixed, and put back together a closet door knob that was stuck in the locked position
  • Washed, re-washed, and dried a load of gross-nasty-smelly-stinky-clothes-I-still-might-throw-away
  • Pulled out my guitar and played my way through almost the entire first chapter before my fingers got too raw to continue (only about 20 minutes — how sad is that!)
  • Planned my meals for the week and went to the grocery store, and…
  • Wrote this blog!

I understand that a lot of people reading this (and I say that like “a lot” of people actually ever read my blog…) probably do this and more every day, but this is pretty amazing for me.  It’s not even 10:00 p.m. yet, and it usually takes me a full week just getting up the gumption to do laundry and/or go to the grocery store, much less both in one day.  See, my typical day is more like this:  come home from work late, grab a snack, sit on the couch, watch OnDemand until it’s way past my bedtime, decide to paint my nails, and then go to sleep (and sleep way too late and run into work with knotted-up hair and streaky eyeliner).

Also, I’m considering getting an iPhone and giving up my BlackBerry — even though I ALWAYS wanted a BlackBerry and was SO excited to finally get it — it’s just not doing it for me anymore.  I still love that I can type an entire blog post on my BB while I’m on the train, and that it’s very productive when composing an email, but I HATE the applications.  I still can’t get it to “check in” to any locations on FB and I really like to let the stalkers know where I am all the time.  Also, I really want to get on the instagram bandwagon and use pinterest and angry birds and all of those totally cliche things that people seem to do all the time.  Feel free to email, text, FB, etc. your opinions to me about this — or just leave a little ole’ comment right here.



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