FYI: This is not about Minnesota.

Sorry team, still haven’t uploaded my photos (or found my camera cord…) so no glamorous vacay recaps for you yet. Just a list:

1. I haven’t really felt like blogging in a while.

2. I’m sick of my consulting job and am not going to renew my contract when this one expires (June 30!!). But, that means I should really finish the article and I haven’t managed to do that for the past two months so chances are…

3. I’m excited to start an Open Yale Course as a trade-off. I really want to go back to school but obviously need to work for a while, so perhaps that can hold me over.  I’ve been informed that the course on “Death” is a bit, ummm, dark and non-religious-afterlife-y.  If you’ve done one of these courses and have recommendations for a good first try, please send!

4. So far, working 9.5 hour days totally sucks. Shocker, right?

5. Leo (the cat) is so lonely and it breaks my heart every time I leave the apartment. He misses his poppa. I’m spending the entire weekend with him (and with #2, of course).

6. I have a lot of thoughts about Southern Baptists and Gay Marriage but I’m still pretty confused about why I still care what Southern Baptists say and I’m refraining from posting re: those issues until I can articulate a reason that the SBC is relevant. But, I found John Piper’s sermon and blog series on the gay marriage issue pretty flat, and while I’m not necessarily secure enough in my faith to go head-to-heart with Piper, I’m deciding he’s not as great as everyone says. I mean, I respect his knowledge even while disagreeing about a lot, but his twitter feed has typos on a regular basis. Not cool. oh geez, I’m a terrible person!!! JK, John Piper, JK.

7. I am love-love-loving my new job but also missing the old stomping grounds. Things there are a bit more exciting (read: crazy) than they are where I currently am. I had lunch with my boss and drinks with some co-workers and decided second-hand work gossip + first-hand happy work environment is the perfect balance.

8. I think the metro + this weather is going to be the death of me.

9. I made chicken with garlic and mushrooms in white wine last night and it is the-bomb-DOT-com. Recipe: sear both sides of chicken in olive oil, remove. Pour wine into hot pan to get all the burned up bits, put mushrooms and chopped garlic in wine, warm up. Put chicken back in and simmer until done. Seriously, delicious.

10. I’m drinking Green Monster smoothies for breakfast every day this week. So far, no impressive energy boosts. Quite the contrary, in fact. I usually just want to take a nap.However, I do have quite a pile of dirty dishes.

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