Welcome to Minneapolis

Minnesota was beautiful.  They call it the land of 10,000 lakes for a reason, and while I can’t speak for the frigid ice-cold arctic* winters, living there in June was a pretty convincing alternative to the hot concrete here in DC.

This is the view of Minneapolis (not St. Paul) from the Prospect Park Tower.  The tower is apparently an old water tower but H called it the Witches’ Tower all weekend and often lapsed into saying some version of “Witches are Bitches” the entire weekend.  The photos are a little blurrier than normal because I am not technologically savvy and I had to use the “dusk/dawn” function to take the photos, but it was really a great view.

This photo is really terrible, I know!  But, it’s not a good story if you can’t see it!  [You can see an actual photo here.]  Also, there was a couple quietly fighting on the only bench while we were there and it totally killed the moment…because I started giggling and H ran away and then H said he saw a snake and I almost screamed but he was totally lying, of course, because sometimes he tries to be funny but is so NOT funny.  And I hope that couple made up because it would kind of ruin the Prospect Park magic if they broke up there.

*Actually, somehow in the course of my work duties last week I was informed that neither Minneapolis, Minnesota nor Anchorage, Alaska, were in the Arctic circle.  My job is kind of weird. 


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