Beer-ing our way through Minneapolis

So, mid-westerners take their beer pretty seriously.  According to one friend, there’s no need to have an open bar when you get married in Wisconsin, just pop open a couple of kegs and everyone (even your grandma) will be happy.  The local beer in Minneapolis did not disappoint. H and I rocked this out while we were in Minneapolis.

The most mainstream of the local beers is the Surly Furious.  It was good, but a little hoppy for me.  We tried the Surly at the Brits Pub, which is cool because it has lawn bowling on the upstairs patio. 

Lawn bowling looks a lot like croquet but has no mallets.  Instead, you just try to get your ball closer to the big ball than your opposition.  And you can only roll the ball, and it’s pretty funny.


But on Saturday afternoon of our weekend in Minneapolis, H and I took a personal tour of the Fulton Brewing Company.  And let me tell you — it was adorable.  The location is a few blocks away from Target Field (home of the Minnesota Twins) and has no food.  But, do not fear, hungry beer lovers, because Fulton has a schedule of Minneapolis’s best food trucks cycling into their parking lot and feeding the masses.  And if you don’t want whatever they are serving that day, you can just order a pizza.  The bartenders will help you.  Minnesota has a lot of nice people, including bartenders.  Wait, are people who serve beer bartenders?  Beer-tenders?  Keggers?  What are they?  Anyway, it’s pretty fantastic.

So back to the brewery tour:  the guy who gave us the tour was the father of the guy who created the beer.  And he was one proud papa.  He told us the entire story of the creation of the beer, starting with a “Mr. Beer” kit as a birthday gift, tracing the brewing station from a single-car garage to a double-car garage to the final warehouse and ending with $20,000-per-mixer production systems and how the Minnesota state laws on beer production have just been changed and that local breweries are going to be popping up all over the state.  (Good reason to move to Minnesota?  check). 

Also, the tour guide/proud papa told us a story about the origin of India Pale Ale (IPA):  British soldiers in India wanted beer, but by the time the beer barrels reached India, the beer was spoiled.  So, instead of using magic to keep the beer refrigerated, those smart British just put lots of extra hops into the beer to cover up the rotten flavor.  And, those soldiers got used to drinking gross-spoiled-hoppy beer in India, and wanted it when they got back to the homeland.  Doesn’t that sound delicious? 


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