Recipe Remix – Black Raspberry Grilled Cheese

Okay, so, I love reading recipe blogs and might have started on this whole blogging path because of how much I enjoyed them.  But sometimes, and I’m just being honest here, they are kind of ridiculous.  How many steps and how many pots and pans are really necessary to make oh, I don’t know, a sandwich? No matter how delicious and fantastically wonderful the professional-grade photographs may look, I just don’t have room in my life for those kinds of meals on a regular basis.

Let’s take, for example, this sandwich:  How Sweet’s Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwich.  It looks fantastic, right?  Look again — the cheese is oozing and the blackberries are fresh and the basil is flavorful. . .

But seriously, that’s a lot of work.  You have to (1) go to the store to buy fancy cheese [I mean, unless you keep fancy cheese all the time, but my all-the-time-cheese is Smoked Gouda, not Fontina]; (2) buy a fresh loaf of expensive bread and then throw away the other half of it because you will never eat it before it goes bad; (3) mash up fresh blackberries and . . . okay, too busy for all of that already.

So here’s what we had:

This is regular Pepperidge Farm Carb-Style bread, pre-sliced swiss cheese, and –wait for it–black raspberry jam that H’s grandmother made last year.  And to make this sandwich more filling, I added the new Carving Board sliced turkey between the cheese slices and then cooked it up Grilled-Cheese style.  (This photo shows cheddar on top because I didn’t have enough swiss for the second round of sammies.)

It took like 3 minutes to make this and it tasted great!  Hence, the second round the next day.  But, I REALLY want to eat this sandwich in its original form, so if anyone wants to make the actual recipe for me, just give me a call and I will totes be there.  TOTES.



  1. kim kelton

    that looks really good, but what is the dark yellow slice on the sandwich? It looks more like cheddar cheese…

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