1. Bon Iver + Bella and the Flecktones on shuffle is one great combo.

2. Tonight’s dinner of homemade hummus and fruit salad with pita chips is more nutritious than last night’s dinner of a margarita. But equally delicious.

3. I remembered this week how great it is to have smart, political and interesting friends. And I was only a hermit on Sunday and Monday.

4. Last night i sat in the National Archives and heard senators and congressmen talk straight about our country. Today, I sat in the senate gallery and heard a senator speak empty shenanigans. Perhaps we should make laws at the Archives from now on?

5. I want to quit working and write a book. In a log cabin in the mountains of West Virginia. With a fireplace and high-speed internet.

6. I’m going to see Magic Mike on Friday night. Let the wrath of conservative Christianity fall on me, but I am an equal opportunity stripper-movie-watcher. And I only even knew it was a thing because of your Facebook posts about how you would never “let” your women/wives see it. I’ll let you know if it is really more morally repugnant than Pretty Woman…or every other movie ever made. Bring it on.

P.S. I have “permission” to attend from H. Like me, he has no idea what the big deal is.



    • pinkbriefcase

      I have about seven book ideas but they all depend on my mood. Most are sarcastic how-to books. In my imaginary world I’ll be like The Bloggess plus Jon Stewart plus something philosophical and awesome. In real life I’ll probably be boring and unpublished. :)

  1. MJ

    I love #2 because it is so true. I also want to write and not have a big girl job…let’s move to WV together. We all know how conservative I am, so you know I would totally go see MM with you. I too am confused about the big deal. I mean, if going to see a movie that makes me all hot and bothered and results in me coming home and having sex with my husband, who exactly is complaining here?

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