Friday Bad News/Good News

The bad news: I ignored a voicemail from my boss’ cell phone because I thought I knew who it was from and what it said. All day. Until 7:00 p.m.

The good news: I emailed her an apology at 7 p.m. on Friday, so at least she knows I was working late while she was away….And she’s on vacation for the next two weeks so hopefully she’ll forget by the time she returns?

The bad news: Leo peed in my suitcase of clean laundry.

The good news: Now my laundry will be done before H gets home tomorrow night to see exactly how creative I can be at making “outfits.”

The bad news: I have to wake up early and dress cute to attend an all-day Greek life advisor training.

The good news: I get to spend the entire day with Megan from Deviled Megs and won’t be frantically checking the clock for when H will arrive. Until it ends, and then I totes will be…

The bad news: My skin has been so terrible lately that I’m considering a burka.

The good news: Great reason to purchase a crazy-expensive-but-effective Clarisonic! Which I am already loving, by the way. Give me a week to be sure before you buy one on my recommendation, but so far worth it.


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