Hi blog.

Hi blog.

It’s been a while.  I’m not quite ready to be back yet, at least not “full time,” although I have a lot of ideas and thoughts and dreams [and drama] to share with you.  Things are still happening, don’t you worry.  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and thinking a lot about the world and about what I want to do with this beautiful life I’ve been given, and I don’t really know yet.  Does anyone?

While I’m figuring things out, here’s a little remix of the last little bit:


We borrowed some lovely friends’ farm share while they were out of town, and it was weirdly delicious!  And while I should probably tell you that we used these veggies for something healthy and organic, the best thing that came out of this batch of veggies was blackberry basil gin lemonades.  INSANELY delicious.

We spent a few hours at Great Falls Park (Virginia side) on Sunday breathing in some crisp fall air.  Love.

I baked this cake to celebrate the Vols’ first victory over Florida in eight years but, well, we lost.  Again.  Also, I used a cake mix and canned frosting and I hated how this cake tasted so after we cut it I just threw it away.  Unfortunately, I am too classy for cake mixes and WAY too classy for canned frosting.

[how to make a football cake:  bake a round cake.  cut out a 2-inch strip from the center.  eat the center piece you cut out.  push the edges together.  trust me, i took advanced honors geometry in tenth grade.]

We went to Ben’s Chili Bowl.  I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but it was my first time ever going there, even though we’ve lived in DC for more than 4 years now.





I made these mini-cupcakes for the collegiate women I’m advising as part of my mission to show maturity and sisterhood by spending my time doing sisterly things.  Because, like, yelling is not the best way to change hearts.




I’ve been a bit of a stalker with the baby boy here.  But he’s just so CUTE.



And finally, for you Shark Week fans out there, this is what the Discovery building really looks like during Shark Week.  They go all out.




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