Secret Vegetables

I like to hide vegetables from myself.  Because vegetables are gross, but they are good for you, and I have the desire to eat them in my brain but not in my heart.

It started when I was in college.  I would slice up squash, zucchini, carrots, etc. and hide them in spaghetti sauce to put over pasta.  My roommates did not support this plan and did not eat the “chunky” spaghetti sauce I prepared.  The rejection was a [minor] blow to my self-esteem.

But I persevered, and now I have two ultimate veggie-hiding recipes.  And I understand that most of you, dear readers, are way too mature and healthy to hide your vegetables from yourself.  So you can just ignore the part where the veggies are secret and pride yourself on how healthy and awesome you are.  You probably also run when no one is chasing you.  How weird.  Anyway, back to this:

First, I have become a devoted drinker of Green Monster Smoothies.  I have probably mentioned this before, because (a) drinking green smoothies is SO not an MB thing to do that it surprises me every time I make one, and (b) they are so delicious that I drink them, like, all the time.

And today, I created number two:  the hot pepper-kale hummus.  It is super easy — just take your regular hummus recipe, add kale and a hot pepper (seeds out for my taste), and process it up.

Oh, you don’t have a regular hummus recipe?  What century are you living in?  I mean… No problem, here’s mine:  Drain one can of chickpeas but save the liquid.  Put the can of chickpeas, along with several (3-6 depending on your mood) cloves of garlic, the juice of 1-2 lemons, a scoop of tahini (approximately 1/2 cup), and olive oil (go around the food processor in a circle 3 times to start).  Process it up, pushing down the sides, adding in a little bit of the chick pea liquid, and adding more olive oil until you like the texture.  Salt and pepper toward the end, because the chick pea liquid has some salt that will get out of control if you don’t taste and add carefully.



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