Inventory Post

1. I just had a turkey cranberry brie sandwich from ABP (also known as Au Bon Pain, but my French pronunciation remains terrible so I abbreviate). It was not very delicious, but it got the job done.

2. I am drinking coffee and sitting beside my dad’s Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand). I’m 44 pages in and really like it but for some reason I’m not reading it.

3. I’ve been having a hard time holding my focus at work, given my forthcoming employment upheaval a.k.a. the end of my rotation. I’m very conflicted about this upcoming change.

4. I am currently more skeptical and less optimistic than usual. This needs to be remedied at once.

5. I took an hour of vacation time this morning because the metro is terrible. I am now tempted to buy a farm and bake my own bread and raise my own chickens so I never get stuck in traffic again.

6. I realize this may seem like an overly dramatic response to a minor inconvenience. I respectfully disagree.

7. My brother-in-law is visiting this weekend. We’ve been married for over two years but “in-law” still feels like a weird thing to say.

8. Reviewing professional relocation packages and offer letters is pretty weird too, since my job offer letter spelled my name wrong and barely established a firm start date. Growing up is totally weird.

9. I am a good enough writer to notice the frequent use of the word “weird” in the previous enumerations. However, I am not committed enough to edit for variety even though I don’t need a thesaurus to think of alternate yet appropriate terms. I just wanted to put that out there for you guys. Blogging from the iPhone is not incredibly artful.

This post feels melancholy. But it is beautiful outside, I’m choosing cupcake recipes for the brother-in-law’s birthday, planning our upcoming vacation to Maine, and loving this cooler weather. Change is good, and like it or not, one way or the other, change is coming. I am getting ready.



    • pinkbriefcase

      Me too!!! I’ve still been keeping up with you on my google reader, but I’ve missed taking a few minutes each day to reflect in words. It feels good to put my business all over the Internet again. ;)

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