Weekend Update, Part II

So, Saturday morning we woke up and I baked the greatest scones on the planet for H and his brother, S.  And while I’ve made these scones so many times I’m starting to feel like it’s actually my recipe, I still feel like I should link back to this original post again even though I’ve mentioned them dozens of times on this blog so all of my regular readers [hi Mom!] have most certainly been exposed to the recipe before.  But anyway…

Today’s breakfast (above).

So, H barreled us into the car and we drove up to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia [one of my favorite places on earth] to “hike.”  And yes, that is totally weird for me to say.  And, honestly, it did not go well for me.

This is how the national park’s website describes the hike:

Maryland Heights Map
Difficult (steep and rocky in places), 4.5 or 6.5 miles round trip, 3 to 4 hours. Wayside exhibits.

Clearly, this was not a good idea for me.  But we did it, and I only felt like dying for, like, the entire time, and it was just so fun.  I mean, not really at all.  The weather was beautiful and the views were honestly breathtaking, but that could have been because I couldn’t catch my breath.  It only took about 20 minutes before I felt like the last kid picked in gym class, and every time I stopped to catch my breath and the boys stopped too I was like “DANG IT” they are waiting on me and it was awkward.

But, I did it.  Even though by the time we reached the overlook my knees were wobbling and shaking and I wanted to cry.  I kept my shades on to hide the hatred.  :)  And I even made it back, even though the down-hill parts were honestly way more difficult than going up-hill because of my wobbly knees.  And now my left butt muscle is sore while my right is not, so I’m thinking I might wake up tomorrow Nicki Minaj on the left and boring regular girl on the right.  But if that happened, I bet I would get a seat on the metro.  Just saying.

Here’s a photo of Harpers Ferry from the overlook:

And here’s a photo from the town so you can see how ridiculously far I climbed so I could feel bad about myself*:

*Full Disclosure:  I did feel kind of awesome that I didn’t die while doing this, so if we had to do this day over I might do it again.  But probably not.**

**This is why I really need to start going to the gym again.  Because if it were up to me, I’d just read a book and drink coffee every minute of every day.



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