“crazy murderous Puritans” coming right up

This week is weird.  Monday and Tuesday I was back at my “real” job for training, but Wed.-Fri. I’m at my rotation for its last three days.  So I’m stuck in a weird half-way transition period.  And I feel happy and sad.  But, this will all be over soon because (a) this weekend, we are going camping!!! and then (b) next weekend we are going to see WITCHES!!!

Witches, you ask?  Yes, witches.  Because I am TOTALLY OBSESSED AND IN LOVE WITH THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS.   So, seriously, what better way to celebrate Christopher Columbus than to fly to Boston, drive to Salem, learn all about crazy murderous Puritans, and go shopping.  I mean, seriously, it sounds awesome, right?

Our plan is to fly to Boston and then carpool up the Mass/Maine coast to Portland, ME, and Freeport, ME, visit the L.L.Bean outlet store, see the beaches, etc.  It’s going to be awesome.  We have a lobster cruise on the schedule and are filling in the rest of the itinerary this week.  So, on that note, if you’ve visited the area and have hotel or restaurant recommendations, please share!

Until then, I’ll be packing up my office, finalizing my last few projects, and saying goodbye to people I’ve really loved working with the last five months.  I’m smarter and better for the experience, even though I am sad to leave it behind.



  1. MJ

    I am so super jealous of you right now! Witches, lobster, and Maine; what the heck?!? Have fun and take lots of pictures, because you will have to share with me when I finally make it there!

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