Five Things on Friday

1) Hank + Sarah forever! I love Ray Romano’s new character on Parenthood — I mean, seriously, I love him. Dear NBC please please keep him and get rid of skinny-moustache-guy. Seriously, though, do it.

2) Reading Atlas Shrugged while drafting language to support jobs training for Americans in poverty is confusing. And quite intellectually stimulating. I highly recommend the experience.

3) I am deflated by work as of late. I know that I can choose to make it better, keep pushing and reading, but I haven’t been able to sustain the push for more than about four consecutive hours. So that.

4) My favorite blogger went to Haiti with a team of bloggers and each member of the team blogged about it. I added all of them to my google reader and now have about a million new blog posts to read. I recommend you do the same.

5) I really want to go to the movies. There are so many movies that I want to see! Did anyone see the one about education with Maggie and Viola? I so wanted it to be great but heard it was not. Also, Pitch Perfect? Argo? The list keeps growing.


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