Pumpkin Butter Everywhere

Finally, a 100% Happy Post!  Sorry things have been weird lately, it hasn’t been a fantastic October so far.  That is changing starting…right… NOW!  :)

Today, H and I started our weekend of awesome with a trip to my favorite place in the world:  BETHESDA BAGELS.  (BB I love you.)  It was awesome.  We tried their seasonal bananas foster cream cheese — totally a good idea.  Check it out.

Then, we ventured up to Butler’s Orchard for some pumpkin picking!  We picked out a slew of pumpkins but kept changing our minds because we had to find the perfect trio of pumpkins.

What a spooky tree, right?

Important principle of housewifery:  When decorating, always have an odd number of things unless the things are absolutely identical.  If identical, two is okay.

There are four things here — but don’t look at the tiny jar. Just observe the beauty of the pumpkins.

So, what is in that jar you ask?  Well, it’s homemade pumpkin butter that I totally made today.  That’s right, you should be impressed…because it was MESSY and it took FOREVER and it was not as cute and fun as the blogpost that inspired this endeavor.

The pumpkin-butter-pumpkins, looking all cute and innocent…

First, cutting pumpkins in half is incredibly difficult.  They look like cute little pumpkin buttons, just waiting to become pies or cakes.  But they are NOT cute as a button, they are ridiculously hard.  I ended up stabbing them with a knife, then flipping the pumpkin to pull the knife out without cutting off my hand.  After repeated stabbings, the pumpkin started to crack and then I physically broke it open with my hands like a priest serving some kind of fall-themed communion.


Once sliced open, they had to have their guts scraped out.  Oh, save the guts, little housewife — roasted pumpkin seeds are so healthy and delicious.  Burnt pumpkin seeds are not actually that delicious.  Just saying.  I went through the trouble of cleaning, separating seeds from guts, finding a recipe and roasting my seeds.  [I actually split the seeds in half and tried two recipes:  a spicy and a sweet.]  Trouble was, while the recipe called for 30 minutes of roasting at 350 degrees, they were burned after only 18 minutes at 325.  I do not accept responsibility for this result.

The final products — plus more in the freezer for when this runs out.


So anyway, I roasted, burned, and threw away the seeds, and roasted the pumpkins that I literally split in half with my bare hands.  The roasted pumpkin then had to be scraped out of the shells and blended with [organic sugar-free] apple juice.  Because my blender is pretty small, I did this in three stages.  I’m not sure how, but pumpkin bits were everywhere.  On the floor, in the burners, in my hair?  Then, it had to be blended again with the sugar and spices, and stewed on the stove for approximately 30 minutes before the never-ending-dishwashing-extravaganza-of-2012 could begin.  But seriously, it turned out kind of awesome and I’m super excited to eat it on everything — in oatmeal, on toast, with biscuits…

H helped with the dishes because he is THE GREATEST HUSBAND EVER (and probably also because he is going to be eating his fair share and then some of this), we put away the 100,000 loads of laundry that H had done while I was cooking away (did I mention greatest husband ever?!?!), and we are snacking on some hummus and chips and hoping that Tennessee will pull off a win against Mississippi State tonight.  Hoping.  But between you and me, let’s not necessarily put all of our eggs in that basket. 



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  2. Jennifer

    Love your tone here. Absolutely hilarious, and the image of you wrenching pumpkins open is sufficiently visceral to be really entertaining.

    • pinkbriefcase

      Haha thanks, Jen! It’s a true story — so true, to be honest, that I tweaked my shoulder and haven’t been able to sleep on my side. I am a mess. :)

      Hope you are doing well!

      • Jennifer

        That’s terrible but also pretty funny. Way to be dedicated to the task!

        I’m doing pretty well. I’m trying not to think too much about how little time I have left here (just over two months), and i’m trying to stay engaged with people. It’s kind of crazy, not knowing at all where I’m supposed to go next.

        Enjoying your updates! Keep at it!

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