Hi friends, meet Hannah

I’ve felt like this blog has been pretty boring lately — just plain uninspiring. Maybe it’s because I’ve been whining about my first-world-problems or maybe it’s because I’ve been reading the same [honestly quite depressing] book for a hundred years a month.

Either way, I googled some ways to spice things up and found … well … nothing remarkable. So, I’m going to introduce you to a few blogs that have recently been lighting up my morning commute life.

Today’s introduction is to a young female writer that oozes compassion and soul. Her phrases, comparisons, pictures and feelings are just a little bit cooler than I’ve ever dreamed of being. She writes about being creative, feeling loved and feeling alone, and what it means to be a woman in a very strange world. Her essays sound like cool jazz, and sometimes I feel like snapping — and sometimes like crying — while I read along.

For a great introductory post, start here. Then, be sure to read this one on friendship.

In other news, I’m planning (in my head only, at this point) an election-results-viewing party. Because H never colored the electoral map on Election Day as a child, and that just seems sad. Plus, it seems like a good excuse to drink wine.


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