My new favorite wine

When we were in Portland a few weeks back, we had dinner at an incredible little Italian restaurant. It was that perfect combo of fancy and rustic, so your meals have a special feeling but you don’t feel social pressure to act any certain way. We ordered a half-liter of the house red wine, and I absolutely loved it.

Last week, I was thinking about how great that wine was, and wishing I could grab a bottle and bring it home. I am typically terrible at picking wines, and hate spending money on something I’m not sure I’ll like. H and I aren’t huge drinkers, but sometimes it’s nice to have s little something extra, you know?

Well, I emailed the restaurant and told them how much I loved the house wine, and how I’d like to order it here in DC. It doesn’t hurt to try, right? Much to my surprise, the restaurant responded in about four hours! I was do excited, but then the name they gave me didn’t exactly match any wines I could find online. I emailed my coworker who used to work in wine, and she helped me narrow the field down to my ideal wine. Drum roll please:

Rosso Di Montalcino!

RDM is an Italian wine from Tuscany and I LOVE IT. It is easy to drink and tastes great with spicy tomato sauce. And pizza. The brand served at our restaurant was called Banfi (which is what i purchased last night) and seems to be one of the least expensive makers of RDM readily available in this area. Mine was on sale for $18.99, still a bit much for one bottle but totally worth it.

We grabbed a bottle along with pizza and salad from Italian Pizza Kitchen and had a pretty great Tuesday night. [We started to watch the debate but ended up watching the season one re-cap of Once Upon A Time instead — what a weird show! Do you guys watch this? What is going on there? I mean, seriously.]



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