Memory Lane

October 23 is Kappa Delta Sorority’s Founders Day, and yesterday our organization celebrated 115 years of HBH– striving after that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. I totally made up that acronym but I’m going to make it a thing. Seriously. My Facebook newsfeed was all a-twitter with KD-love and it made my day so much better remembering how much my friends from all over mean to me.

After work, two women from my advisory board met me up at the chapter house to pass out Georgetown Cupcakes and celebrate. And I forgot how silly Founders Day seems to collegiates–to them, every day is a day with your best friends, staying up late and overdosing on caffeine and doing crazy things. So Founders Day is, perhaps, more important as an alumna than as a member. Maybe. But they ate those cupcakes up either way.

Today, I am going to … the dentist. I haven’t been in ages, and after my scary encounter with the wisdom-tooth-renegade-receptionist I pretty much just ignored the fact that I have teeth for the last year. (I mean, I still totally brushed and everything, obviously…)

But today is the day. I’m a little nervous but at least I know this dentist actually went to dental school. Prayers at 4:00 p.m. if you have a free moment.




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