Friday’s List of Randoms

1. If the power goes out this weekend and all of my pumpkin butter gets spoiled I will be very unhappy.

2. Our fridge was on the fritz last night so chances are slim that the pumpkin butter will make it with or without the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Here’s the latest on Sandy for the DC area.

3. I love weekends. But I hate when they get ruined by power outages. Please please please let the bad weather equal a closed work on Monday instead!!

4. I am getting a haircut and a cranio-sacral massage tomorrow and I am totes excited. The massage is some kind of neurological relaxation on the cracks in your skull or something — it’s supposed to help with the crazy headaches I’ve had all week.

Totes is thirteen-year-old-slang for the word “totally.”

5. I’m considering canceling our cable package and getting weekly massages with the savings if it really works. I’m not sure how h will feel about that.

6. I have two double-dates and a best-law-school-friend reunion planned for the next three days. AND a very special KD event on Sunday evening. (Hurricanes come at the worst times!!)

7. Aunt Jemima’s mini freezer pancakes are so delicious. Pictured below = breakfast of champions.

8. I love lists. (obvs. after this post) Here are some fun lists to help you start your weekend. And, happy pre-Halloween!!!

Why Hocus Pocus is the Best Ever!

Something about mistakes everyone makes–not sure this one is actually fun…

Some really terrible dieting tips.



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