The Storm is Over: a [disorganized] collection of thoughts

As you have undoubtedly heard, Washington, DC escaped most of Sandy’s destruction and we are headed back to work today (some as early as yesterday afternoon). The coastline was not as lucky, and many of our friends and yours are without power for an extended period and battling severe flooding. Our prayers are with them.

Here, H and I are pulling ourselves out of the apartment-pajamas forever-never going outside party that was the last few days, and it is a rude awakening! Homework, laundry, dishes, etc. can really cramp your style. :) But we’re getting it done. I’m currently on the metro with my gym bag in hand, hoping to burn off the hundreds of calories of unnecessary snacks I consumed on the sofa this weekend…

One week from today, the elections will be over. Wow, right? This year, it has felt like the election propaganda would never end. I’m ready to get to work and know a little more about the future: both politically and whether or not my job will still exist, if my bosses will all change, and if agency policy will shift. The election seems oddly personal, given the immediate impact on my day-to-day.

Today is Halloween! I honestly couldn’t care less about this day, but it does make me think fondly if a few friends who love to dress up and watch Hocus Pocus. Missing you guys today!!

The woman beside me on the train is threatening to call of her wedding, hanging up on (I’m assuming) her fiancé and then calling him again. Drama. Thank you Lord for my husband! I’m so glad to have never had to date someone in DC. Guys here suck. [Plus he’s all-around pretty great. :)]

I’m doing the Yale Open Course in the history of the New Testament and really enjoying it thus far. It’s very different from the course I took at Union (obviously) and I’m enjoying ithe contrast. I’ll hopefully have more insightful commentary than the previous statement as I dig deeper into the materials, but it is early yet.

Thanks for sticking with me through this post and through this season; I haven’t had a lot of issues to discuss lately, but promise this blog will be much more exciting when the election is over and there are no more “candidates” (and thus fewer rules).



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