Poverty Conversations from Jesus-loving Lady-bloggers

When I went on my issue-blogging hiatus (which was when my rotation began and which is continuing until the November elections have taken place), I started really soaking up the writing of other bloggers — in particular, Christian bloggers who write about women’s rights, mutuality in marriage and ministry, and poverty-related issues.  This experience has been refreshing to my soul:  it is nice letting someone else take the pressure, and I found that I’m not the only young woman with struggles who was raised in a conservative Evangelical tradition but who has gifts bigger than the box she was told to stay within.  So today, instead of writing about what I had for dinner (pork chops, green beans, and buttery delicious cornbread), I’m giving you a little piece of what has kept me going these last few months.

On being the “project” of Christian mission work:

Oh, and in other news:  I decided to do this thing called National Blog Posting Month or, for short, NoBloPoMo.  It’s a once-yearly effort by BlogHer to support and encourage frequent and creative writing every single day for the entire month of November.  I’ll try to keep it fresh but sometimes it is hard to be interesting every day (I know, probably not an issue for you, dear reader), so we’ll see how it goes.  If you  want to join the party, click here for details!



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