Will you join me in reading A Year of Biblical Womanhood?

First things first: I’m sorry about the lame-o post I put online late last night so that I had “blogged” for the day. Since the moment I decided to try blogging every day in November [called NoBloPoMo by the BlogHer team], I’ve had the weirdest blogger’s block. And, I mean, I was just thinking that November will be an easy month for daily postings: it started with hurricane recovery, next week will be a presidential election, then veteran’s day, followed almost immediately by Thanksgiving and a trip to Tennessee and then Christmas preparations and decorating. But those are “BIG” thoughts, and none of the blogging ideas coming to mind for the past few days seemed to pass the threshold test of “November Things.” So I guess we’ve already learned one thing by the third day of NoBloPoMo — [interesting] blogging is hard, and once you commit to doing it regularly, it gets harder to do it well.

I will try my hardest not to post lame-o tiny posts in the future, but let’s not kid ourselves here. Okay, back to your regularly scheduled update on our silly lives…

Today was a different sort of day. We woke up late with a serious case of donut deprivation syndrome (DDS for short) and chose to avoid dressing, showering, brushing our teeth, etc. until the DDS was cured. We drove over to Takoma Park’s Dunkin Donuts because it had a drive-thru. Let me tell you — such a disappointment. This Dunkin Donuts had none of the good donuts (they were out of blueberry! Blueberry is the best kind!), and since we couldn’t actually see what donuts they had in stock because we were in the car, it was a little awkward. Also, there were some communication issues with the guy taking our order, as in he couldn’t understand that when we said “Glazed” we meant “not cake covered in powdered sugar.” Maybe the difference here isn’t important to you, dear reader, but holy jeepers is it important to us! So, we just couldn’t eat these dry powdery donuts. H took the plunge and went into Shoppers in his Holiday Polar Bear Pants (the polar bears have on red scarves!) and bought us real donuts. And honestly, they were DELICIOUS. So much better.

From top to bottom: Raspberry Filled (Glazed!), Chocolate iced cake, and … BLUEBERRY!!!!

Dunkin Donuts, pay attention to this — powdered donuts make a mess all over your car and make your mouth feel dry and pasty. Glazed blueberry donuts with real blueberries inside? AH-mazing.

We spent the day hanging out, running errands, and watching football. [I actually didn’t watch football — I watched a Yale Open Course lecture and caught up on my Google Reader and a little Patheos reading. I had 2/3 of a french baguette that was going bad, so I chopped it into little pieces and made a quick cranberry-pecan bread pudding so it wouldn’t go to waste. Delicious. H was not disappointed.

During my reading, I kept coming across more and more negative reviews of Rachel Held Evans‘ most recent book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. And while I did notice that a lot of the reviews were just plain mean, one of the recurring themes most shocking to me was that the reviews were often from individuals who had not actually read the book. And I hadn’t read the book either, so I couldn’t really say anything in response with credibility, but seriously America? Christian leaders will overlook surprisingly racist and ridiculous statements* by conservative evangelicals, but when someone steps outside and offers a more progressive criticism or point of view, our own people start questioning the devoutness of their Christian brothers and sisters? I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

I mean wait, let’s be real: I too grew up in a conservative denomination so I actually was not “shocked” at what I was reading or the repulsive tenor of the comments on many of the posts, but I did feel like I needed to say something in response.

So, we went to Barnes and Noble and I bought the only copy of the book. I’ll be reading it over the next few days, and would love if you would join me in doing so. It’s the bright yellow one.

*Need an example? Here’s one off the top of my head: Chairman of the Deacons leads entire congregation in an offertory prayer requesting that God please protect the Boy Scouts of America from “the gays.” True story.



  1. Elizabeth Towns

    Okay, first – I LOVE donuts and they MUST be good. Thanks for making me feel good about eating and loving donuts. Secondly – I LOVE your post. Finally – I will read this book with you. I’m gonna find it today so I can get started as soon as possible. I’ll blog about that too! (http://31daysearlyirise.com).

    • pinkbriefcase

      Thanks! Some Saturday mornings just require a little extra sugar, don’t they? I’m excited to read the book along with you and will be sure to follow your experience with it and try to post a few things about my own as well.

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