Saturday wrap-up

What. a. day.  It is WAY past my bedtime and even though it’s Saturday night so I usually stay up late and party, partying at this age is more like drinking a bottle of wine, eating fancy cheese, and playing poker or watching SNLI am such a grandma. 

But seriously, this day has been crazy, and I am completely exhausted.  So busy, and honestly pretty fun (even the work-ish parts), and full of people I love.

The cake turned out awesome, and actually made its way through a training meeting, a girls’ night out get-together, and a friend’s boyfriend with tons of compliments and one big slice left for H when he returns tomorrow night.  Although knowing him, he probably ate only bacon this weekend while he was in Knoxville so he’ll want to eat salad and vegetables all this week to compensate.  Oh well, more cake for me! 

I’m feeling very optimistic about the year ahead and thankful for so many great and wonderful things happening in the lives of the people I care about.  This has been and continues to be a difficult season in our country.  We hear so many stories about the hard economic times and we talk about it so much that it is easy to forget to be thankful for the many blessing we have.  And today, I am so thankful for the [continually improving] health of my family, a safe and happy home for Leo, and a future full of possibilities we haven’t even imagined yet.  God has been incredibly good to us.

On that note, please be in prayer for my uncle in Alabama who is having extensive health issues stemming from pancreatitis that was first diagnosed and treated over a month ago.   His name is Mike. 


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