Sunday List: Seven Things

1.  Have you guys read this article claiming that 15 states have petitioned the government to secede from the United States?  The article is clearly blowing the facts WAY OUT OF PROPORTION, but read the comments.  American history anyone?  I think we should petition to pay our history teachers more.

2.  Also music teachers.  Because, like, my mom totally deserves a raise.

3.  If you don’t know — THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOES NOT SET TEACHER SALARIES.  Just clarifying that, since given the comments on the article mentioned in number one, the majority of people using the internet have very little understanding of how the American government works.

4.  H arrived safe and sound and, as I predicted, he doesn’t want to eat his delicious beautiful piece of cake because he ate too unhealthy while he was away.  I’m totally taking care of this tomorrow.  Do not worry. 

5.  We are having turkey sandwiches for lunch this week.  Every day.  It’s going to be “awesome.”

6.  I still haven’t finished A Year of Biblical Womanhood but I’m almost there and I’ve been taking a few notes so maybe I’ll write a real book review?  Or, maybe I’ll just blather on about myself and never actually write anything of substance here.  It’s really hard to tell at this point.  :)

7.  I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE HOLIDAYS THAT I am writing in all caps.  Tomorrow is a holiday [four-day-work-week].  I’m off Wed. through Fri. of next week [two-day-work-week].  I get to eat tons of desserts and cranberries and three Thanksgiving dinners.  This is a going to be awesome.


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