Creating “The Library”

Today the Washington Post released its list of the Best Books of 2012. I personally didn’t find the list to be all that exciting — it’s a little dark for me, and not very funny! — but it did coincide nicely with the posting of my own list.

I started keeping a list of books I came across during my blog reading, studying, and news-article reviewing, and I’ve been planning to share that list with all of you for a while. I have about a million books to read already on my bookshelves, but these are a few of the titles I’ve been jotting down over the last few months that i really want to read! They are posted on a new blog page entitled “THE LIBRARY,” which you can see by clicking the link with the same title along the top of the header.

I’m currently reading The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings by Bart D. Ehrman, while completing the Yale Open Course on New Testament History and Literature. It’s been taking for-ev-er, to be honest, but making me smarter and really holding my attention during the few minutes each week I can devote to it. I really recommend the course for a historical perspective, and find the materials to be very helpful and interesting. I’m going to try to finish at least one more course during our drive to and again during our drive home from Tennessee. And, just being honest, I’m also going to be reading about a million magazines so I can be fashionable and awesome.

On that note, I really need to buy some new shoes. . .


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