A kind protest

This is only a half-post, a tiny dot on a Tuesday evening where we are twenty miles from h’s grandmother’s home and I’ve already dealt with a work crisis I couldn’t solve, eaten Cracker Barrel for dinner, and taken two unfortunate naps that mean I will certainly not be cute when I see the grandmother-in-law for the first time in a year or more…

But this. Can you just take a moment to read it?

Truth will set us all free, but wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if our hardest truths could be wrapped up in love the way Preston has wrapped up his disappointment in the Church today? Wrapped in commitment and long suffering and confusion and mystery.

And love.

Is it right to protest in this way? Should we instead fight tooth and nail for truth and justice no matter the collateral damage to that thing, those people, we love? I’m not sure. But I like this. It feels right, in this moment.

Go with peace, He says. Peace is beautiful.


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