My First Soccer Game

This past weekend H and I attended the second leg of the Eastern Conference Finals between DC United (our local team) and the Houston Dynamos (a team with orange and white checkerboard just like the V-O-L-S!!!  It was so weird cheering for the non-orange team.).  We had a fantastic time, and soccer is actually super fun.  I mean, the soccer part is pretty boring because all sports are pretty boring, but the cheering and the crowd actions are incredibly entertaining.

Our seats were pretty great and we had so much fun singing “Ole, Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole.”  I mean, it’s pretty catchy.  Trust me.  It might be hard to hear it here, but if we were hanging out right now, I would be singing it and you would be totally into it.  Seriously.

All during the game, the people in the stands did crazy-fun things.  There were giant flags waving and all sorts of different cheers and dances and so on.  Below, you can see the crowd holding up red and black flags to cover the entire half of the stands plus signs that say “YOU CAN’T HOLD US BACK — WE ARE UNITED.”

What a fun day, and we were lucky enough to attend the game with some of our very lovely friends.  Also, soccer is totally fashionable.  Instead of wearing God-awful ugly jerseys and giant hands, soccer fans wear classy scarves.  That is fan wear that I can definitely get behind.



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