Weekend Wrap-Up: The WOW Edition

Wow.  When I found out my blog was going to be freshly pressed last week, I was pretty excited.  I thought it would be cool to get a little more traffic on my blog than normal, and I hoped that I didn’t have any weird typos that would make me look like a crazy person . . .

I had no idea what was coming.  With over 1500 site-views and sixty comments in less than 72 hours, it has truly been amazing and, for that, I feel so blessed.  Thank you so much for stopping by my little space, which is still growing and developing, for leaving comments, linking my blog with your own, and engaging with my content.

Most of this weekend was spent feeling absolutely shocked by the people on my content, checking my stats on my phone and responding to as many comments as I could.  But we managed to fit in a few other fun things, too:

Friday night, I had the wonderful chance to catch up with two long-time friends.  Katherine and I headed over to PS7, discovering that unfortunately it is no longer serving dinner.  We walked a few blocks south to another Chinatown standard, Zengo, and enjoyed mojitos, sushi, and delightful conversation.  [that sounds so pretentious and lame and hilarious, I can’t bear to edit it!!]  On my way home, I had a heart-to-heart on the phone with my little and by the time I met up with H, I was all filled up on girl-time and ready for a fun weekend with him.


On Saturday morning, we made our first recipe from Deb’s new cookbook, the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, that I purchased at her book signing event here in DC.  [Read about how awesome she is here, and then check out her blog for even more recipes!]  Her Maple-Bacon Biscuits were delicious, even if ours turned out a little flatter than the ones in the photographs.  FYI — they taste great with apple butter.


I drank a mug-full of the greatest coffee ever (we just started buying fair trade from the local co-op and it is FANTASTIC.)  I used my new coffee cup from the secret-Santa gift exchange at my office last week, and I’m now thinking about buying a few more matching mugs because it has a really good feel to it.  Oh wait, does that sound insane?  Maybe… Let’s see how that idea feels in a few days.

We spent the afternoon baking (me) and doing homework (h), and then headed to Virginia to watch Christmas movies and eat dinner with two of our favorite friends who have recently moved to the DC-area.  The evening was full of surprises:  Michael Caine is quite hot for 79-years-old, whiskey teas [hot toddies] are DELICIOUS and make your belly feel warm, and homemade peppermint ice cream made me want to buy an ice cream churn.  Plus, our friends are funny and awesome, their cat is less dangerous than Leo but still full of hate, and it was all around a wonderful time.


Today was full of boring errands, but we got our Christmas tree put back together (thanks to our flying squirrel/cat Leo’s magic tricks, it had been in pieces on the floor for the last few days), made soup for lunch and friendship bread, and are settling in for another work week.

If you are a new reader here, or if you are one of my long-time internet or real-life friends, I wish you a wonderful week full of Channukah spirit and delicious baked goods.






  1. sarahenicephotos

    I just want – no, NEED – you to know that it’s definitely okay to choose a mug based on it’s “feel.” Because when I make coffee in the morning, I reach for the exact same Starbucks mug everyday. I thought I was the only one who felt such strong connections to my mugs. Phew!

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