Office Style: How to pull off sparkles

Working 9-to-5 can be a bit of a drag — particularly when it’s actually 9-to-5:30 plus a 45 minute commute each way.  There are days where I can barely make it out the door, much less brush my hair and my teeth and put on makeup and iron my clothes . . . but starting off in such a rush usually leads to a day of feeling frazzled and rushed.  Wrinkly pants or awkwardly fitting sweaters (how is it that perfectly good cardigans turn into weird shapeless bags so quickly?) or frizzy hair can turn a perfectly good day into a nine-hour grump fest.  And honestly, staying semi-focused, polite, and getting good work done is hard enough without having to worry about anything else.

Lately, I’m flexing in sparkly clothes to give my work-fashion a boost.  Sequins, fancy buttons, blinged-out necklaces, earrings, and other obviously very cheap jewelry, if it sparkles and it’s in my closet, I’m wearing it.  And while wearing sequins and such to the office may sound unusual, I think it is AWESOME.  Sparkles are, like, seriously my favorite.

I’m unsure how to punctuate the above sentence properly.  Should a comma go in between the “like” and the “seriously”?  If you have advice for this problem please indicate your suggestions in the comments below.


UPDATE:  My writer friend Heather has advised the punctuation as currently used above.  She is a legit poet AND she is published about a million times so we shall trust her on this one.  Check out her work here.

An easy way to flex sparkles into your work wardrobe is to layer with other, more neutral pieces.  For example, check out this sequined tank I purchased from the JCrew outlet a week or so back:

Sequined Tank

My tank is actually lavender, and I purchased a darker plum-colored knit top to wear with it that is pretty cute.  But, this is also going to be adorable in a few other ways:  Under a blazer — navy blue, khaki, black.  With a cardigan of any contrasting color.  When it is quite chilly, as a sweater vest over a white button-up all under a blazer.  You get the picture — if you treat the sequined item like any other neutral item, then it will blend right into your wardrobe. . . but still look AWESOME.  And when you look into the mirror, or walk past a long window and remember that your “neutral tank” is actually incredibly sparkly and awesome, your day life will become immediately better.

If a tank that is covered completely in sparkles feels like a little bit much for you, I also have an Old Navy tank from last season that is only partially sequined.  Full disclosure, I only paid $3.99 for my striped tank when it was on clearance, but they have a lot of new colors to choose from that are still pretty good deals.  I’ve machine washed and dried my Old Navy top multiple times and none of the sparkles have come loose.

Sequined Stripe Tank 2

And, if even these tiny little sparkles seem like a lot, a sparkly scarf can add just a touch of shine and, honestly, it won’t even look like you are trying.  But really, be brave.  Be bold.  Sparkles are super professional.

UPDATE:  Ann Taylor LOFT has some pretty amazing deals on sparkly bling today.  Check out their special offerings here.



  1. Heather

    I’d punctuate “like” the same way I punctuate “well” (e.g., “I think you should, well, go to the party.”). Behold: “Sparkles are, like, seriously my favorite.” This punctuation works because you wouldn’t punctuate “Sparkles are seriously my favorite.” with any sort of comma. Seen with the word “well” for comparison: “Sparkles are, well, seriously my favorite.” Voila.

    /end geekfest

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