Why hello, 2013

2013 photo

I’m a little behind the times and haven’t really gotten around to resolutions or what-not like [apparently] every one else in the world has been doing.  It’s not that I don’t think resolutions are great and all, it’s just that I don’t really think today is any better of a day to start something new than yesterday was, or than tomorrow will be.  So since I’ve been a little busy and am just now getting back to my home and unpacking all of my things from our trip to Tennessee, fully cooked resolutions will have to wait for another day.  Instead, here’s a list of random things.

1. I love lists.  It’s weird to love lists but I totally do, and so does one of my very bestest friends.  When in college we would randomly write lists of thoughts to each other that are kind of a lot like the rest of this blog.  So, sorry about that.  And also, you’re welcome.

2.  The above-mentioned friend sent me a really cool surprise called a Post Carden [think Post Card + Garden] and I planted it at my desk on Monday and can’t wait to get to work to see if it has sprouted!  Planting my Post Carden was literally the joy of my Monday.   Also, that whole new years’ eve thing, but whatever.

3.  I tried to buy new shoes today but DSW closed at 6:00 p.m.  I don’t really understand that — are there people out there who celebrate on the evening of January 1st?  Is that a thing?  I thought everyone did their celebrating on the 31st, and that the government was closed on the 1st so that postal workers could recover from their hangovers.  Wouldn’t DSW employees rather open up a bit later in the morning than close at 6 p.m.?    Also, I really wanted to buy new shoes today.  What a bummer.

4.  I am currently wearing my first-ever personally owned sport team t-shirt.  It is made for women and actually supports a team I love — the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!  Why do I support the Irish, you ask?  Well, (1) President Bartlet loves the Irish.  (2) The Pope loves the Irish.  (3) Leprechauns love the Irish.  Do you really need any more reasons?  I can’t wait to watch them play Alabama in the BCS Championship next week.  I might even wear my shirt to work that day.  I mean, I don’t think they would fire me for that.

5.  I wrote several ranty and hilarious list items about the fiscal cliff and sequestration and not really needing to give anyone any reasons to fire me, but then I realized that while ranty and hilarious, those paragraphs might bring on unnecessary scrutiny so I have deleted them.  Because seriously, let’s not give anyone any more reasons to fire me.

SIDE NOTE:  If you want to know what is happening with the fiscal cliff and the federal workforce, there are a ton of articles for you to check out.  I’m following the Washington Post’s FedWorker Page.  Also, definitely check out the furlough FAQs for government employees over at www[dot]OPM[dot]gov/furlough.

Happy New Year, America!  Happy New Year, international readers!  [I know you are out there because my year-end stats tell me all about you.]  Let’s make 2013 great.  Or, at least, super okay.



  1. indytony

    I love your list. I’d say you’re off to a great start for the New Year. I did a list today, too. I followed a writing prompt from this collaborative blog start-up called “Today’s Authors” (I can’t help shamelessly promoting) and wrote “My Top 10 Anti-Resolutions for 2013”. It’s filled with all the things I won’t do in the coming year. Check it out.

    And, go Irish!

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