Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week

We’re a little late this week but, never mind that, here are some awesome things I found on the interwebs over the last seven days.

Five Awesome Things I Read This Week copy1.  Did you know that January is Poverty Awareness Month?  Here’s an intro to the initiative from the Washington Post.

2.  A blog detailing one writer’s perspective on chronic illness and faith.  When we face a chronic or debilitating illness (or both), and God leaves us there, can we maintain faith in his goodness or do we have to give up that belief to survive?  This is an issue that hits close-to-home in my family and I think it can help all of us think more carefully about whether we should really be saying “It’s God’s will,” or “All things happen for a reason,” to people who are hurting around us.

3.  Madeleine Schwartz’s article on the downsides of interning from Dissent.  Eye-opening, and particularly interesting to me as I am a female in the legal market, where interning is essential to getting work experience.  Shout out to this piece at Jezebel.

4.  Goodness gracious, Christian America, did you guys know about this?  Remember that one time I wrote a blog but said I wasn’t secure enough in my faith to argue with John Piper just yet?  Well, let’s just say that we’ve conquered that fear.  Lord help us.

5.  Emily Wierenga’s post on child labor and what we can do about it.  It is beautiful, and also provides a new platform for connecting with bloggers by participating in her imperfect prose series.  I’m going to be digging deeper into what that looks like but, since we’ve discussed our goal of participating in blogger networks this year, I wanted to provide that for you as well.  Check out last week’s prompt here.  Another one should be coming up soon.

And finally, even though this really makes six (or is it eight?  I’m sick so I’m taking the lazy way out of this but please do not worry, I may be female but I am terrific at counting):  I thought this was a really beautiful piece.


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