Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week

Five Awesome Things I Read This Week copy

1. HBR’s Three Elements of Great Communication According to Aristotle, which could also be appropriately titled If your blog doesn’t have these things, no one will care what you have to say.

2. RegBlog’s Is the Rulemaking Process Really a Quagmire? I am a believer that informal rulemaking (a.k.a. notices, guidance, FAQs, etc.) denies the public of its right to participate in the agency-governance structure and can lead to sloppy program development. This is contrary to the popular opinion and I want to write a paper on it one day and really parse out the pros and cons, but I love that this piece is defending our participatory process a little. Not a lot, mind you. But enough. Actually, RegBlog’s whole series on Regulatory Breakdown in the US has been fascinating and makes me want to purchase that book. I’m adding it to my ever-increasing reading list.

3. Kristen Rosser’s guest post on Rachel Held Evans’ blog. This post is long so prepare yourself, but it is full of goodness. I have so much to say about women and religion that I can’t write about it yet because it spins out of control but there is this one thing we fail to mention as a society, which is that marriage in ancient times was the ownership of women by men, was the slavery of women to men, and a failure to admit that and say it out loud and consider how it impacts our interpretation of biblical discussions of marriage is a failure to talk about biblical marriage.

4. Jarrod McKenna’s Do You Hear the People Sing? M.L. King & Les Misérables’ case for a Socialism of Grace. I love this.

5. TamaraOutLoud’s Tara Needs Telling, over at A Deeper Story. Deep, thought-provoking, and heartfelt.


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