Feeling my age: twenty-seven is awesome

I’m not typically that excited about birthdays.  These last few years, I’ve gone to dinner with H or something just so I would have an answer to questions about how we celebrated.

But this year feels different.  This is our year of new beginnings.  A year of graduations and anniversaries and travels and accomplishments.  This may be our last year in D.C., or not.  This may be our last year without children, or not.  [Let’s be honest — it’s probably going to  be at least two more years.]  Twenty-seven is full of possibility and promise, and while I know that this is true every year, excitement is burning something powerful in my heart.

There are so many unknowns, and I am loving the freedom this uncertainty brings.  Will we move into a larger apartment, or save up to buy a house?  Will I continue with the government or follow my heart to legal aid?  Will Leo get a puppy for a brother or sister?  Will I write a book or go back to school (or both)?  Will H love his new job, whatever it is and wherever it takes us?  Will God’s blessings on our lives and our families continue to exceed our wildest expectations?

We don’t know.  We don’t know when tragedy or sorrow or loss or sickness will cross the threshold of our tiny apartment.  We don’t even know if our country will continue to fund my salary over the next twelve months, or if we will be able to pay our bills during an extended furlough.  But we do know this — that life is a gift, and that these moments are wonderful.  This year has been amazing, and we know that next year will be even better.

Already, some big things are happening.  We are planning a cruise to Alaska to see whales and bears and go dog-sledding.  I’ll be writing my first guest post for a real blog, about a topic that makes my heart sing.  We have tickets for a comedy show in February and Oh-My-Goodness there is a new Die Hard coming out in time for Valentine’s Day.  Thank you Lord.  And that is just the beginning.

Bring it on, twenty-seven.  We are ready.



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