Awesome stuff I forgot to tell you I like

Collage for Blog 1I forgot to tell you guys how the following things are currently making my life more awesome:

1.  My mom got me some awesome new makeup for Christmas (Laura Geller) and it is quite possibly the greatest makeup ever.  It is lightweight but covers great and lasts all day long.  This might be irrelevant for some of my readers (like you, Dad), but if you currently wear makeup and need a change I highly recommend this!

2.  Abraham Lincoln quotes.  Seriously, I love Abraham Lincoln.  I mean honestly, who doesn’t?, but anyway — I totally do.  When that movie Lincoln came out in oh, I don’t know, November, the entire metro station underneath my office was covered in Lincoln quotes as advertisement for the movie.  Newsflash:  these advertisements totally worked.  I am now completely hooked on all things Abraham Lincoln and especially love the quote pictured above:  when my comments on documents and such are ignored because “it is fine the way it is” and “everyone already knows what it means,” I just think to myself “we’ll see how you feel about that once we enforce the document you just drafted.”  So basically, I AM Abraham Lincoln.  Life = complete.

3.  New books!  Oh man, I have so many new books in my queue on my bookshelf.  What is a queue anyway?  I don’t think I have one — I don’t have any sort of e-reader, just a shelf full of books.  Like Abraham Lincoln.  So far I’ve completed God Believes in Love, by Gene Robinson, which was awesome and wonderful and I will probably tell you all about it in a blog post if I ever get back to writing regularly again.  I gave up on the biggest one in that photo after about 100 pages because it was SO BORING and I’ve been carrying Lincoln’s 100 Days book around in my tote all week but haven’t exactly opened it yet …  To tell the truth, I tend to over-commit to doing things that I don’t actually have time for and then I feel disappointed in myself for not accomplishing my dreams but, whatever, I’m blogging right now so that’s an accomplishment right there, isn’t it?  Yes.  Yes it is.

4.  CANDLES!  Don’t judge, dear reader.  New candles are the greatest ever.  In our family (that’s me and H and Leo the cat), we burn candles until there is absolutely nothing left, and then try to burn it one more time for good measure.  So on December 24th, our apartment was full of a lot of empty candle jars and no candles.  This is no longer the case.  Pictured above are two great-smelling jar candles, PILLAR CANDLES to make us classy, and a candle snuffer.  Yes, just like priests use.  And the Queen of England.  Basically, our home is now a cathedral and we are the classiest family ever.  I should probably add candle snuffing to my resume under “hobbies and skills,” that would probably really help in this economy.




  1. indytony

    One of my favorite Lincoln quotes was an exchange he had with Thaddeus Stevens after the Union won the Civil War and Stevens wanted to totally take over the South.

    Stevens: “President Lincoln, I think we ought to destroy the enemy.”
    Lincoln: “Mr. Stevens, do I not destroy my enemy when I make him my friend?”

  2. Ritu KT

    I would love to try Laura Geller makeup someday but it is not available in my city right now. Love Yankee Candles, my favorite is the one called wedding day.

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