Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week

Five Awesome Things I Read This Week copy


1. The best tip for being an effective female leader? Stop worrying so much about how you are perceived and focus on getting the job done. This and more from Herminia Ibarra in How Female Leaders Should Handle Double Standards.

2. & 3. There were two fantastic posts on sex, gender, and the church by Preston Yancey this week, and I’d like to tell you which one is the most essential for your weekend reading, but honestly? Both.

First up was his piece on how adolescent boys understand sexuality and purity when our youth pastors tell young women to “cover up,” instead of telling young men to see their female peers [and all peers, while we’re at it] as human beings made in the image of God.

And right behind that came a call for continued feminism in the church. And this one line still rings in my heart even now, like a battlefield call to action:

“Put a woman behind the pulpit so I can hear He is risen! in the tone it was first shouted.”

4. A little land-use nerd alert for you guys: RegBlog’s update on the forthcoming Supreme Court case on regulatory takings.

5. Oliver’s guide to reading like a writer (beer in hand) over on Literature and Libations.

Okay, there you have it! Have a fantastic weekend and feel free to link up to what you’ve been reading in the comments.



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