The Monday Blues

I made a list of all the things I could have time and money for if we canceled our cable subscription. Ha. I’m currently watching Downton Abbey, 3.6, in HD. It is beautiful. This Ethel-the-rehabilatated-prostitute storyline is so good: people are terribly judgy and enjoy shaming “loose” women in a ridiculous manner. Even today.

I find myself perpetually too outspoken, doubting whether I “should I have said that” or if “that was too far.” And yet, when others do not speak up in similar situations, I find their lack of candor an indicator of weak character. This is quite a conundrum. I blame my evangelical upbringing — that trying to distinguish between the right thing to say in general and the right thing to say as a woman has confused me. But I digress…

Today was a weird day and, like most days, I have a lot of thoughts that just don’t fit together.



  1. indytony

    The paradox of some Evangelical upbringings (especially for women, perhaps) is that you are taught to be keenly sensitive to what is wrong, yet encouraged to be (relatively) silent about it. I pray you find the Ecclesiastes balance (for men and women alike)- “when to speak, and when to keep silent”.

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