Valentine’s Day festivities!!

Okay, first of all: it’s totally okay if you hate Valentine’s Day or think it is wicked cheesy or want to talk about beheadings or wear all black. Because I feel you guys on this one.

But seriously? This is my best valentine’s day [and weekend] yet:

  1. Space Jam valentines from the in-laws;
  2. Vegan oatmeal cookies at work;

  3. 30 red and white tulips!!!!! (My absolute favorite);

  4. A new necklace and bracelet from a cool new website;

  5. Silver Diner;

  6. Bruce WILLIS!!! I love you. We’re attending the 7:45 showing;

  7. Nick Offerman tomorrow night;

  8. Casino Night in fancy dresses and with cocktails and tiny crab cakes on Saturday night.

I mean, seriously.


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