Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week

Five Awesome Things I Read This Week copy

Numero Uno:  Stephanie Coontz’s Why Gender Equality Stalled.  If women make less than men, do women really have a choice not to stay home and raise their children?  Is it really a choice at all?

Numero Dos:  Daniel Gulati’s Your Credentials are Holding You Back.  Remember those discussions of “sunk costs” in Economics 101?  Why you don’t have to keep watching a bad movie just because you paid eleven dollars to see it?  Try applying that theory to the reason you are staying at your current job.

Number Three:  Addie Zierman’s An Open Letter to the Church: How to Love the Cynics.  I’m taking a break from faith blogs for the next few days but, before I made that decision, this one really stuck out to me.

Number Four:  Karen K. Harris at the Shriver Brief’s post, Manipulating Overdrafts is Perfectly Legal?  I read this and was angry, and then I started writing something angry about it.  But, after doing a bit of research, I read that it was a banking standard practice to credit deposits in a day before deducting withdrawals from the same day, regardless of the time, and that in a similar vein banks claim to deduct large payments before small ones to ensure that important payments (like mortgages) go through, and that lesser important payments (like coffee from a coffee stand) are the ones that bounce.  So now I’m not sure if I’m angry anymore.  I might still be angry.  I think probably yes, but in a balanced way.

Numero Five:  Kate at Eat the Damn Cake’s post, Why Aren’t We Allowed to Think We’re Pretty.  Ha.  There are some pretty hilarious quotes in this one.  Anne Hathaway, you are gorgeous.  Deal with it.  And also, seriously: I AM PRETTY.  And so are you.  Beautiful, in fact.

Okay, I’m off to happy hour.  Have a fantastic weekend, and stay tuned:  a LOT of exciting things are happening around here next week, including a link to my very first guest post on MONDAY and a #femfest series Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  It’s going to be awesome.


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