Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week (03.16.2013)

Five Awesome Things I Read This Week copy1.  A response to the now infamous Time magazine article about Sheryl Sandberg, Confidence Woman, by Penelope Trunk:  I had to take a Xanax to read Time magazine this week.  I actually followed a lot of articles on this subject and found them collectively pretty interesting yet mildly distressing.

2.  Daniel Gulati’s Stop Fast-Tracking Your Career over at HBR.  This is very good advice for youngish employees trying to make something happen in their respective fields.  Two key points:  First, stop comparing yourself to similarly aged peers on the internet.  Each of us is on a different path.  Second, stop giving up on everything that isn’t great on the very first day.  It takes time to grow, learn, understand, and flourish.  Life is a marathon.

3.  Two posts on uncertainty in the legal field:  First, Chris Bradley’s Why It’s OK to Tell a Client “I Don’t Know”, over on Lawyerist.  Second, Kat’s How to Do the Work You’re Not Ready For, an advice column at Corporette.  Basically, you aren’t supposed to know everything without even trying, and just because you don’t know everything right now doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

4.  Jason Boyett’s Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook, and the Less Filtered Life, posted on Deeper Story.  Filters are everywhere — and the more introverted you are (like me!) the more they can change the way you present your public life.  As writers, leaders, and teachers who shape the lives of others, we should look hard at our own filters, and examine whether we are really sharing our true selves with those we love.

5. Mark Goulston’s How to Give a Meaningful Apology.  This honestly broke my heart a little and is tenderly written from a man’s perspective, making it a perfect column for the entire world to ponder.  Seriously, read it right now.

And a little something extra for all you Tennesseans:  Here’s an activity we are TWENTY TIMES better at than California.  Ahahahahaha.



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