Mid-March Update

A friend requested more updates – so, this update post is dedicated to you, sir. A memorable gift, I’m sure. ;)

1. I started a new job on March 1st. It is technically a rotation and technically temporary, but we shall see about that. Already, it has so opened many doors and provided so many new opportunities.

2. I stopped being career depressed on March 2nd. This may or may not be tied to item number one.

3. I love the spring-looking weather. And I use the modifier here because, while beautiful in our nation’s capital, it is freezing cold.

4. I bought a new top that I am completely in love with. I’m wearing it right now!

5. March Madness began today but my heart just isn’t in it this year. Yet.

6. We were fourth place in trivia last night. Selected facts for your intellectual development: the Vatican has a best movies list and Schindler’s List is the newest film on it; the wheelbarrow was invented in China; vexillology is the study of flags.

7. I printed a 30-Days of Spring Cleaning plan but our apartment is so small I think I could do it all in about 8 hours. And I already cleaned out our pantry because I like it to look like the shelves at Target. It’s called “zoning.” Don’t judge.

8. We still have not heard back from H’s future employer about where we will be living, so no announcements yet. Hopefully soon — seriously, hopefully tomorrow because I’m an obsessive planner and if we don’t hear soon I might kill someone.

9. I’m posting this from my iPhone while commuting home and it is phone-blogging-awareness month at WordPress, so I’m not just multitasking but also joining a blogging revolution. Impressed much?

10. I just got 5 text messages about basketball in the last ten seconds. Oh lord…



  1. Jen

    Oh, so I meant to tell you ages ago, but I had shrimp and grits just before Christmas. And it was amazing. You totally knew what you were talking about.

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