“Real Life” Updates

1.  I had a very cute outfit planned for today, before I checked the weather.  I should probably begin doing those things in reverse order.

2.  I’m reading Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within.  I love it but have not yet put the instructions into play.  I am still writing in my normal way instead of Natalie Goldberg’s Bones’ way.  I think that’s okay for now.

3.  But, just in case I change my mind, I renewed my library books for another three weeks.  There are a few things in there that I want to try out in here.  And a few other things I want to try out in places not here.

4.  Regarding number one, I need to purchase leather conditioner and condition my new leather jacket.  [Did I mention I purchased a new leather jacket?  It is my most favorite purchase of the year.  Click here to see how awesome it is.]

5.  I’m going to Tennessee in a few weeks (May 9-12)and I am very VERY excited even though I’d rather be going for something fun instead of something serious.  BUT, I’m still excited.

6.  I need to purchase a few graduation gifts for the men in my life.  If you have awesome ideas for that please indicate below.

7.  We are moving to Chicago [yes, we FINALLY found out where] the first week of August.  Maybe.  We have not yet nailed down dates or timelines or what-have-you and I still have not made any decisions about handling my own job yet, so no, you don’t need to ask.  However, I did paint my fingernails a new color this weekend, so we are making incredible progress on the get-your-life-together bandwagon.  Stay tuned for further developments.

8.  I have to leave for a meeting in the next few minutes but really I want to go to a coffee shop and get a latte and read my book.  This is the story of my life.

If I quit working and advising and everything else and just became a “writer,” would I be allowed to read books in coffee shops whenever I wanted?  If all I ever did was read books in coffee shops whenever I wanted, would I dream of a life where i had substance and mission and deadlines?

(1) Set up a timeline for our move so I feel in control instead of in chaos.
(2) Dress appropriately for the actual weather of the day in question.
(3) Go to the gym at least one time.  Just go ahead and buy a new gym bag and lock:  looking for my gym bag does not burn enough calories to negate the number of margaritas I plan to consume this summer.  Also, buy more tequila.

My natural writing voice switched into the second person for number (3) of THIS WEEK’S MISSION.  My editing eye corrected it because it was inconsistent.  But now I feel awkward, because editing is NOT allowed while writing according to Ms. Goldberg’s bones.  So there’s that. . .



  1. Jenidactyl

    Every time I go in to work, I long to be one of the folks on the other side of the counter, sipping lattes, reading books, and typing away on their laptops.

    Sadly, I’m the one making their lattes.

    One day, I’ll be the one ordering them. :)

    Also, I agree. This summer requires a great deal of tequila.

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