Thoughts on a Train, or: How to Spot a Kidnapper on the Metro

I don’t have five things for you to read today.

I learned that a friend linked to my blog as a way to introduce me to potential friends in Chicago. What a great friend, right?! BUT then I realized this space as of late was a bit meh for introductions, and maybe even a little depressing. I’m thinking about spicing it up, but I don’t have any fancy ideas yet. Maybe tomorrow.

There is a weird creeper couple beside me on the train and I am feeling “See something, say something” but it’s not a crime to be weird so I’m not yelling for help. But seriously, guy could legit pass for a scary teenaged kidnapper. We should really get some etiquette rules for these situations:

Girl on a chain, yell for help.

Girl attached to boyfriend’s hip, feel pity but look away.

Girl wearing a huge necklace that looks like a chain around her neck but has a long tail that is being held tightly in the hand of a young man wearing all black but might just be bad fashion, . . . . . . ????????

Seriously, I could use some guidance here.

I signed up for my first-ever writing eCourse today and am quite proud of myself for committing to something I want to do, just for myself. I can fall into meh-ness and let too much time slip by without being productive, sometimes. This is a good thing.

My husband gets his MBA on Monday. I’m really proud of him. He went for it, and now the whole world knows he is awesome. I’ve always known, but “regional sales strategy manager for the largest food company in North America” sounds way more impressive than “copy editor for community newspaper.” He is the greatest.

Insert best-ever metro Mullet sighting.

Almost home. Have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully more frequent updates are heading your way soon!


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