Three New Blogs and a Fulfilled Promise

There are a few promises I’ve made to you over these last few months that turned out to be flat out lies remain unfulfilled.  It’s time to start making that right.

On March 11th, I told you that I was tired of jumping from online clique to online clique, and that I was going to mix up my blog reader, which would hopefully have a similar impact on my writing style.  I told you that “While faith issues are an important piece of who I am as a writer, that tiny piece of the internet world is not enough on its own. What you read is what you write, and I’m just not cut out for a one-subject career.” 

And while I have not mastered the art of a delightfully varied yet cohesively themed blog yet, I have found some pretty fabulous reads on this here internet.  I tried a lot of new blogs, and while there are a ton of new additions in my reader, these are the top three:

1.  Corporette.

Corporette is the perfect mix of fashion + work tips + balancing family life and work life.  I enjoy the fashion pics — although I don’t always read them — but I absolutely love the comments over there and always learn something from the Weekend Open Thread.  Something work-related you’ve been wondering about, or need a professional woman’s opinion on handling issues with your in-laws?  Need advice on handling a sexist partner in your law firm or how to pick out a maternity suit?  Corporette has you covered.

2.  Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Anne and I are soul mates.  I mean, if your soul mate can be someone who has never heard of you and has no idea you exist.  [Hi, Anne!]  She loves writing and literature and is funny and writes about a good mix of life-things, which is what I want to do, eventually.  Story time:  When asked to introduce myself to the class by explaining which literary character I most identified with and why in my undergrad literature course, I said “Elizabeth Bennet, pre-love discovery.”  Which got some weird looks but was pretty honest, given that I sometimes say inappropriate things in social situations…

3.  Lawyerist.

I just like it.  It’s about lawyering and about life.  I find it so entertaining and sometimes educational.  If you aren’t a lawyer (or a half-lawyer struggling to find your career identity in a policy position…) then you might not love it, but I do.

Post Script

Google Reader is leaving this world in a few months, and I’ve started using Feedly as a replacement.  It is a little less convenient than Reader, since my internet connection can be fuzzy on the metro and it takes a bit longer to load, but the graphics are AMAZING and I’m starting to forget that Reader ever existed.  I especially love the “save for later” feature — it makes Five Things posts incredibly easy.  Check it out.




  1. indytony

    I absolutely believe muses and soul mates actually should be people you’ve never met and have no idea you exist. That way, you can draw on their aesthetic essence without sapping them of relational energy.

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