Selfie and an Update


Photo above taken at the National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial, Washington D.C.  It was my first time there [on purpose], and it was remarkably beautiful and peaceful.

I’m glad to be back with you guys.  We are gearing up for some H-U-G-E changes over the next few months and I’m honored to have you along for the ride.  Writing out the drama helps me process life changes (hello, Bar Exam and massive serial procrastination) and I’m sure you will love hearing about how well we are handling this first big move.  (optimistic much?)

Work News:

Currently, still looking for details about my next steps career-wise.  No definite news either way about the potential for a transfer to my new location, but no news is good news at this stage.  I’m considering alternatives just in case the transfer is not a go, but I’m hesitant about getting too invested in that thought process until I’ve given this transfer thing a real serious shot.  The transfer is ideal.  So, still waiting.

House News:

We’ve learned that H will be in an office slightly outside the downtown Chicago area, and that he’ll have a company car since the commute is not metro-accessible.  I mean, L-accessible?  So, we still want to live in the city but will need one and potentially two parking spaces, which may change things slightly.  We won’t be apartment searching in-person until late June/early July, but we’re looking on Craigslist now to get a feel for different neighborhoods and prices.  (Are you from Chicago?  Leave your advice in the comments below!)

Family News:

Dad’s surgery went great and he is back at work as of yesterday.  H and I are excited about giving our little guy his very own sink in our Chicago apartment this fall — two bathrooms means one sink for Leo and one sink for us.  And if we could possibly get a double sink, we could each have our own!  Dream big, America.  Dream big.

The To-Do List:

  • Choose a move date and then give notice to our landlord that we will be leaving
  • Choose a few neighborhoods in the Chicago area to focus our apartment search
  • Travel — a lot.  Thanks to the SEQUESTER, I’ll have [unpaid…] three-day weekends almost every weekend this summer, and we have a lot of places on the East Coast to visit before they become much harder to get to.  First stop:  Philly and Atlantic City for Memorial Day weekend.
  • Start cleaning out and giving away things we won’t be moving.
  • Try to figure out my job situation, decide whether I need to apply for the February 2014 Illinois Bar, and get started gathering those materials if that is the right thing for me to do.  [Dread + Excitement here.  I kind of want to take it.]


  1. Deviled Megs

    1. So glad to hear you Dad is on the mend!
    2. Metro in DC = CTA in the Windy City
    3. I am gonna put some thought into potential Chi-Town neighborhoods for you, will email
    4. HOORAY for Philly and AC this weekend — what are you guys planning to do?

  2. Alicia

    Such exciting events happening! Brett used to live in chi-town & my cousin lives there so I will ask about neighborhood recommendations. Keep in touch! DC will miss you!

    • pinkbriefcase

      Oh thanks! We will miss DC too. A lot.

      Recommendations are the best. I think I’ll start making a chart of them all (nerd alert). We are SO excited but it is also a bit nerve-wracking.

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