Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week: 5.24.2013


Five Awesome Things I Read This Week copyFive thoughtful, fun, and important reads saved from this week’s Feedly reading list.  Enjoy!

Life, Lately by Kendi Everyday.

A beautiful telling of one fashion blogger’s struggles with depression and truth-telling.  Such a good read.

“To be honest, it’s hard to put into words; clean, sparkling words that live on blogs. Especially, especially on a style blog. I’ve wanted to share so many times but fear stops me. “Shut up and wear clothes” it says. I’ve wanted to make changes but fear stopped me. But as I’ve taken a step back from things these last few weeks I’ve come to realize something. Maybe it’s not about the clothes that bring you here (meh, or maybe it is) but maybe it’s about life. Everyone has a story and maybe you just want to hear mine.”

Lindy West’s A Great Gatsby Book Report by a Kid who Only Saw the Movie.

This made me laugh.  I’m not sure if it is real… but if it is, then this sixteen-year-old kid needs a lesson in how to be a tiny little bit less obvious about what is going on.  P.S.  Sorry if you think this is lame.

“The main guy in the book is Nick Carraway, who seems like he probably has brown hair and blue eyes, not that I would know, as I only read about him in a book and haven’t seen what he looks like. Nick Carraway went to college and then moved to a dirty shack on Long Island, where he tries to make money using finance and mainly just follows his neighbors around staring like a weirdo. He is currently in a mental institution because he used to drink too much because of the ’20s, so he spends his time typing his recollections of Long Island on a magic typewriter that makes his words float up into the air like cheap visual effects in a movie. (Not that I watch movies. I prefer books.)”

Andy Mergendahl’s Thoughts on Cube Farming.

Have you ever worked in a cubicle?  I do — but I call it my cubby.  I had an office for six months last year and when I moved back into a cubby, I struggled to focus.  I’ve been in a new cubby since March 1st which is quite lovely and sun-filled, but also has a community of yellers.  And by yellers, I mean people who yell across the office to get someone’s attention.  Like no one else is working.  It makes me insane.  But I still love my new office.  Don’t get me wrong.

“Noise: Loud talkers. Sick people and their interminable coughing. Cell phones going off. Desk phones with their rings turned up all the way along with “creative” ring tone selections. Gum snappers. Radios. Open-mouth chewers. And the smells: Burned microwave popcorn. Microwaved fish (and I love fish, by the way). The person next door who eats lunch an hour before you do, torturing you daily with the smell of something tasty. And so on.”

Sarah Bessey’s In which words like “real” and “true” mean things.

Words mean things.  We should remember that.  And once you’ve read this piece, feel free to come back here and help me make a list of better modifiers.  Should we act manly/womanly, or should we act fiercely, powerfully, with grace and passion.

“And words like “true” and “real” in reference to womanhood or manhood are not celebrating the differences. They are narrow, misleading descriptors, a one-size-fits-all paper-thin straw man argument . . . . Words have creative power, words can build up or tear down, set free or forge chains. Words matter, and words mean things.”

Deeper Story’s When we are all working with Seals and Polar Bears.

Words mean things — see previous post — and it is the meaning of the words that matter.  Preston Yancey discusses the complicated nature of “correct” biblical interpretation and the story about seals and polar bears is just too adorable not to share.  You’re going to love it.




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